Important Information

Nature of Applications to be Entertained by the CGRC

The grievances or common grievances of students related to College / Institution only shall be considered by the CGRC.

Registration of Grievances on the Portal

  • Any student desiring redressal of his grievance/s may register his/her grievance/s online on the portal available on website of his/her College/Institution.
  • The student shall fill all the information required for registration and upload the supporting documents.
  • The grievances with insufficient/incomplete information shall not be entertained by CGRC.

Disposal of Applications

  1. On receipt of an Applications of Grievances of Students, theMember Secretary shall scrutinize the applications in consultation with Chairperson of the CGRC and prepare the Agenda of Meeting.
  2. Non-accepted applications shall be communicated to the student in writing by Member Secretary.
  3. TheMemberSecretaryshallcommunicatethedate,timeandvenueoftheMeetingto the students who have registered their grievances on the portal before the meeting with the help of Administrative Staff of the Department / Institution.
  4. The Member Secretary may request the applicant student to supply further information as may be necessary and also discuss the grievance personally with the applicant.
  5. The Member Secretary may request all the parties related to grievance to give clarification in writing with necessary documents and send it to all members through an email along with the Agenda.
  6. The Member Secretary shall present each complaint before the CGRC as per the Agenda with all necessary documents given by the students during the meeting.
  7. The CGRC shall redress all the grievances as per the Agenda by giving an opportunity of hearing to all the concerned parties and by following principles of natural justice.
  8. The Member Secretary shall communicate a copy of Order/Decision/Resolution to all the students whose grievances were mentioned in the Agenda.